OEB Application: Third Party Access to Certain Meter Data

Following the installation of smart meters across Ontario, the Independent Electricity System Operator, as the designated Smart Metering Entity (SME), has been collecting electricity consumption information from residential and Small General Service (>50kW) customers across the Province. Since that time there has been the desire to leverage, analyze and use this information more, for the benefit of ratepayers. 

To assist with developing the analytics, on January 1, 2017, the SME began collecting additional smart meter data, modified where necessary to sufficiently render it non-personal information. Since that date the SME has consulted and worked with stakeholders on developing a plan to provide qualified third-parties with access to the smart metering data. Part of the feedback received was that the SME should ensure that value from this initiative is returned to smart meter customers.

On December 4, 2018 the SME filed an application with the OEB with its proposal to charge market prices for access to the data, so that financial benefits can flow to the SME ratepayers.  The application and other documents which form the record of the OEB’s proceeding are available on the OEB’s website (Case Number EB-2018-0316).