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John Witjes, SAC Member - Representing Consumers

​Mr. Witjes holds the position of Director​​ of Operations and Engineering in the Physical Plant Services department of Queen�s University​​ at Kingston.

Mr. Witjes is a Mechanical Engineer (Queen�s Sc. �86) and a member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario.

In 2003, Mr. Witjes completed the University Management Course (UMC) from the Centre for Higher Education Research and Development, University of Manitoba. He is also a member of the Ontario Association of Physical Plant Administrators (OAPPA), and currently holds the Chair position of the OAPPA Energy Committee representing 19 universities in the province of Ontario.

During his time as Energy Committee Chair, Mr. Witjes has been involved in facilitating the move of the university sector from the Regulated Price Plan to Market pricing. In addition, the energy committee has secured funding from the Ontario Power Authority�s Conservation Fund to implement a province wide energy benchmarking initiative for all universities and has engaged the Ministry of Energy in an effort to facilitate the implementation of regulations to support the Conservation Leadership Act.

​At Queen�s, Mr. Witjes is responsible for the campus building operations and infrastructure, grounds and professional engineering staff and the university�s Central Power Plant which, in 2006, installed 15 Megawatts of �black start capable� co-generation equipment and currently provides steam heating for the campus and three local hospitals.​