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 RFI for Regulation Service (Revised: July 26, 2016)

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 RFI Questions and Answers (Revised: July 26, 2016)

 Document of Changes for IESO Regulation Service RFI (Posted: July 26, 2016)

 RFI Questions and Answers (FINAL - Posted: August 26, 2016)

 Regulation RFI Mileage Update

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IESO Regulation Service RFI

The IESO is seeking to expand the depth of the regulation service market in Ontario. This Request for Information (RFI) is a major first step towards that goal.

Regulation service acts to match total system generation to total system load (including transmission losses) and helps correct variations in power system frequency. This service corrects for short-term changes in electricity use that might affect the stability of the power system. Regulation service has historically been provided by generation facilities with automatic generation control (AGC) capability, which permits them to vary their output in response to signals sent by the IESO.   

The IESO has initiated this RFI to assess the capabilities of Respondents with respect to the potential provision of regulation services, including through the use of products and technologies not currently supported in Ontario or specified in the IESO market rules. This RFI is open to both incumbent providers and potential new entrants into the regulation service marketplace.   

The IESO requests RFI submissions from Respondents provided in the form set out in the “Spreadsheet Information Packages” and containing the following information:

  • data representing a variety of regulation services types– new and potential, as well as those which conform to the current requirements of the IESO market rules;
  • estimated costs of service using the assumptions set out in Appendix ‘C’, but with the understanding that such estimates will be used for informational purposes only, are non-binding, and will not influence the outcome of any subsequent Request for Proposals (RFPs).

      The requested information will better enable the IESO to:

  • identify types of solutions capable of satisfying both the IESO’s current regulation requirements and products not currently stipulated by the IESO market rules;
  • ascertain the levels of market depth for regulation products;
  • identify areas of focus for potential future RFPs.

Timetable for RFP

RFI Release Date Wednesday June 22, 2016
Respondent’s deadline for submitting questions that specifically pertain to the completion of the RFI Spreadsheet Information Package Friday, August 5, 2016
IESO deadline for issuing addenda Thursday, September 1, 2016
RFI Closing Date (Respondent’s deadline for submitting an Information Package) September 30, 2016 3:00 p.m.

Contact Name: Kathie Callan          
Contact Email: Kathie.callan@ieso.ca
Phone: 905-855-6192