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 Non-Disclosure Agreement


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RFQ for Tippingpoint Support and Maintenance 2016

​The purpose of this RFQ is to engage a company to provide Support and Maintenance Services for our Tippingpoint equipment for 2016 with co-termination date of September 14, 2017.

This RFQ requires a Non-Disclosure Agreement in advance of releasing the RFQ and supporting documents.

The signed Non-Disclosure Agreement must be sent to the contact listed below.

Timetable for RFQ

RFQ release date May 11,  2016
Respondent's deadline for submitting a Non-Disclosure Agreement Prior to release of documents and closing date of RFQ.
Closing Date and time (Respondent's deadline for receipt of a Proposal by the IESO)11:00 am May 26, 2016
Anticipated Start Date

June 19, 2016

Contact Name: Kathie Callan, Senior Procurement Specialist
Contact Email: Kathie.callan@ieso.ca
Phone : 905-855-6192