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Conservation First Framework

Conservation First Implementation Committee

The Conservation First Implementation Committee (CFIC) supports the development of province-wide programs in order to meet the provincial conservation target.

Established by the IESO in collaboration with local distribution companies, Enbridge, Union Gas, the Ministry of Energy and the Electricity Distributors Association (EDA) the committee will provide oversight to Working Groups that will design efficient, cost-effective and customer centric programs.

CFIC Charter – April 30, 2015

Conservation First Implementation Committee Members

​​Chris Tyrrell​Toronto Hydro (CFIC Co-Chair)  
Terry Young​IESO (CFIC Co-Chair)  
Chris Barker ​Customer First group of LDCs  
Raegan Bond  ​PowerStream  
Eileen Campbell​Horizon  
Tracy Lynch  ​Union Gas  
Kazi Marouf ​Guelph Hydro  
Roger Marsh ​Hydro Ottawa
Doug Morrison​Enersource  
Fiona Oliver-Glasford ​Enbridge  
Gary Rains ​London Hydro  
​Giuliana Rossini ​Hydro One  
​Tim Wilson​Thunder Bay Hydro
Avi Lipsitz  ​Ontario Energy Association  (observer)
Justin Rangooni  ​Electricity Distributor’s Association (observer)
Kaili Sermat-Harding​Ministry of Energy (observer)

Working Group Meetings and Materials

​Date/Agenda/Notes Materials, Presentations, Submissions, Feedback
​August 19, 2015  
July 24, 2015  
June 23, 2015  
​May 28, 2015