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Conservation First Implementation Committee

​The Conservation First Implementation Committee (CFIC) supports and guides the success of Ontario’s Conservation First Framework, specifically in the areas of energy conservation target achievement, province-wide program cost-effectiveness, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Through fostering collaboration between stakeholders, optimizing processes and identifying efficiencies, CFIC contributes to the direction of conservation activities throughout the electricity sector.

The committee also establishes and acts as an oversight body for Working Groups, which are responsible for designing, improving, and providing input into the management of province-wide conservation programs. Working Groups and CFIC share the goal of program design and delivery that offers ratepayer value and integrates both customer and market needs.

CFIC membership includes the IESO, LDCs, Enbridge, Union Gas, the Ministry of Energy, the Ontario Energy Association, and the Electricity Distributors Association (EDA).

The committee currently meets every two weeks, and materials from each meeting, including agenda, minutes, and presentations, are available on this page. Guests, such as external stakeholders, customers, vendors or other staff from CFIC or Working Group member organizations, may attend CFIC or working group meetings with prior written approval of the applicable co-chairs.

Schedule of Upcoming Activities

Date/Agenda/Minutes ​Supporting Material and Expected
​June 2015Stakeholder meeting, if required
​June 2015IESO to respond to stakeholder comments
June 1, 2015 Stakeholder comments due



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