Brant Area - Regional Plan

The Brant area constitutes a sub-region of the Burlington to Nanticoke region established through the Ontario Energy Board's regional planning process.

Current status: An Integrated Regional Resource Plan (IRRP) has been released for this sub-region. 

The IESO’s regional planning process has identified the recommendation to investigate opportunities for a demand response (DR) pilot in the Brant area. The IESO expects to post a draft Request for Proposals for this pilot in early Q4 2016 and will engage stakeholders to solicit feedback. For more information about this engagement initiative, see Brant Local Demand Response Pilot.

IRRP Outcome

In the near-term, two transmission projects are recommended in the Brant-Powerline 115kV sub-system because its capacity is inadequate for meeting the demand growth forecasted for the area over the next few years. One transmission project is currently underway by the local distribution companies and will be in-service by summer 2015. The other transmission upgrade to be carried out by Hydro One is planned to be in service by 2017. In addition, a pilot demand response program will be considered for the area. It is not expected that further action will be required until after 2025, but growth will be monitored closely as demand can materialize quickly in this area.

How to get involved

Broader community outreach activities, including the formation of a regional Local Advisory Committee (LAC) will be determined after the launch of the Bronte sub-region IRRP.

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IRRP Working Group

A Working Group consisting of the local distribution companies in the region, the local transmitter and the IESO will use the regional planning process to identify and meet local electricity needs. The Working Group consists of staff from Brantford Power Inc., Brant County Power Inc., Hydro One Distribution, Hydro One Transmission and the IESO.

Area overview

Brant is located on the Provincial Highway #403 in the centre of Southwestern Ontario and is part of the Province's Greater Golden Horseshoe area – it encompasses the County of Brant, City of Brantford and surrounding areas. This sub-region has an estimated population of over 136,000 people, and the electricity demand mix is comprised of residential, commercial and industrial uses. Electricity supply to the area is provided by three step-down stations – Brant Transformer Station (TS), Powerline Municipal Transformer Station (MTS) and Brantford TS. The coincident peak demand of the three stations was approximately 250 MW in 2013. 

Historical context

Additional transformation capacity, provided by the Powerline MTS, was added to this area in 2006. In 2012, Hydro One determined there was a near-term capacity need with the 115 kV transmission line supply to the area. In early 2013, the OPA (now the IESO) initiated the IRRP process as a result of this finding.

Brant sub-region

Map of Brant Subregion