Bronte Area - Regional Plan

The Needs Screening report identified that Bronte Transformer Station (TS) may reach its normal supply capacity by the end of 2023. It also indicated that the supply circuits to Bronte TS from Burlington TS have already reached their Load Meeting Capability (LMC), and/or can be constrained by voltage issues. To address this, a working group will look at a combination of conservation and demand management, distributed generation and wires solution to meet the region's electricity needs.

Current status: An Integrated Regional Resource Plan (IRRP) has been released for the Bronte sub-region.

How to get involved

A Working Group consisting of the local distribution companies in the region, the local transmitter and the IESO will use the regional planning process to identify and meet local electricity needs. Subscribe to receive updates on the status of the plan and to learn about opportunities for municipalities, community groups, stakeholders and the general public to provide input.

​The Working Group consists of staff from Burlington Hydro, Oakville Hydro, Hydro One Transmission (Hydro One) and the IESO.

Map of Bronte Area

Map of Bronte