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Chapter 5, Section 11 of the Market Rules describes the planning requirements for emergency preparedness and system restoration.

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Preparing for Emergencies

While the IESO and market participants strive to maintain the reliable supply of electricity at all times, it's necessary to plan for and be prepared to respond to emergency situations that compromise the stability of the electricity grid.

The IESO oversees the emergency preparedness and power restoration activities for Ontario's power system, including coordinating the restoration and emergency preparedness plans of its market participants.

Electricity Emergency Planning and Response

The Ontario Electricity Emergency Plan, developed by the IESO in collaboration with industry stakeholders, sets out the overall framework for electricity emergency planning and response in Ontario. All market participants must prepare emergency plans that describe how they will respond to emergencies affecting the supply or delivery of electricity. To train, test and build on the Ontario electricity sector's ability to respond to an emergency, the IESO conducts annual large-scale integrated emergency exercises with its market participants and reliability co-ordinator counterparts in interconnected jurisdictions.

Power Restoration​

In the event of a complete or partial blackout on Ontario's bulk power system, the IESO has in place the Ontario Power System Restoration Plan, which details the technical requirements to reliably restore power to the affected areas. Planning for restoration efforts cannot be done in isolation. The restoration plans of market participants are reviewed by the IESO and tested annually to ensure that they are coordinated with the Ontario Electricity Emergency Plan and the broader system restoration plan.

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