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Ontario Smart Grid Forum

​The Ontario Smart Grid Forum includes member organizations from Ontario's utility sector, industry associations, public agencies and universities working together to develop the smart grid in Ontario and examine the many components it comprises. It is supported by the Corporate Partners Committee, which represents more than 30 private sector organizations active in the smart grid space including, electric car markets, retailers, energy management companies, systems integrators and equipment manufacturers.

Ontario Smart Grid Forum Members

Bruce Campbell, President and CEO, IESO, and Chair, Ontario Smart Grid Forum

Michael Angemeer, President and CEO, Veridian Corporation

David Collie, President and CEO, Electrical Safety Authority

Jonathan Dogterom, Practice Lead, Cleantech, MaRS Discovery District

Norm Fraser, Chief Operating Officer, Hydro Ottawa Limited

Mark Isherwood, Vice President, Infranchise Sales, Marketing and Customer Care, Union Gas Limited

David McFadden, Chair, Ontario Centres of Excellence

William Milroy, Vice President, Engineering and Operations, London Hydro

Dr. Jatin Nathwani, Professor and Ontario Research Chair in Public Policy and Sustainable Energy Management, Faculties of Engineering and Environmental Studies, University of Waterloo

Mike Penstone, Vice-President, Planning, Hydro One Inc.  

Raymond Tracey, CEO, Essex Power

Neetika Sathe, Vice President, Corporate Development and Smart Grid Technologies, PowerStream Inc.

Joe Van Schaik, Electric Power Market Manager at Tormont Cat

Darryl Yahoda, Director, Resource Development and Strategy, IESO

Terry Young, Vice President, Conservation & Corporate Relations, IESO


Brian Hewson, Senior Manager, Strategic Policy,  Ontario Energy Board

Sunita Chander, Director, Distribution and Agency Policy Branch, Strategic, Network and Agency Policy Division, Ontario Ministry of Energy

See the bios for Ontario Smart Grid Forum members.

Ontario Smart Home Roadmap

This interactive Roadmap was developed by the Ontario Smart Grid Forum to provide a timeline for new energy use options for the home consumer.

Smart Grid Forum Publications


Ontario Smart Grid Forum - Final Report     Smart Grid-Related Innovation: The Emerging Debate (July 2015)
    How should smart grid innovation be funded? What are the different funding models? What can be done to ensure that
    innovation remains customer-focused? Who should bear the risks? And what can be done to facilitate the commercialization 
    and adoption of smart grid technologies? These are just a few of the questions raised in the latest discussion paper from the
    Ontario Smart Grid Forum, entitled “Smart grid-related innovation: the emerging debate.”


Cover for Ontario Smart Grid Progress Assessment: A Vignette   Ontario Smart Grid Progress Assessment: A Vignette (Aug 2013)
   In this report, the Smart Grid Forum attempts to answer three high-level questions regarding the smart grid: 
   Why is the smart grid Important? What has been done so far? What still needs to be done?




Smart Grid Vignette Cover_Dec 2012.JPG Access to Consumer Data: A Vignette (Dec 2012)
 This report looks at the progress that has been made to address the barriers for third-party access to electricity consumers' real-  time consumption information.




Modernizing Ontario's Electricity System: Next Steps
The forum's second report assesses the status of recommendations from the initial report, identifies what barriers remain to their implementation and recommendations to overcome those barriers, and highlights the considerable progress that its members representing utilities, government, public agencies, academia and the private sector have made to date.



   Smart Home Road Map
   A detailed Smart Home Roadmap was also created to show consumers how development of the smart grid over the next 5, 10 
   and 20 years will enable exciting new technologies and services for the home.




  Ontario Smart Grid Forum - Final ReportEnabling Tomorrow's Electricity System
  The report released by Ontario's Smart Grid Forum calls for a co-ordinated effort to increase reliability, develop economic     opportunities and promote environmental sustainability through smart grid technologies.




Corporate Partners Committee

To complement the work of the Ontario Smart Grid Forum, a committee of private sector interests in the smart grid space was created by the Forum to provide advice, support and insight. The Corporate Partners Committee helps identify the practical barriers to implementation and proposing constructive, pragmatic, as well as cost and time effective solutions for consideration by the Smart Grid Forum. The Ontario Energy Association (OEA) provides administrative support to the Committee on behalf of the Forum.

The Committee comprises representatives from the manufacturing, telecommunications, retailing, research, service and consulting sectors. As of September 2012, the Corporate Partners Committee includes: