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2015 Physical Market SSPC

The Physical Settlement Schedule and Payments Calendar (SSPC) indicates for each trade day:

  • the date of issuance of the Preliminary and Final Settlement statements; and
  • the deadline for submitting Notices of Disagreement.
For each billing period, the SSPC indicates:
  • the date of issuance of the invoice; and
  • the dates by which the IESO must receive from, and make payment to, Market Participants.


Settlement Schedule Planner

Enter a date. You will then see when the preliminary and final settlement statements for that date are issued along with the notice of disagreement deadline. This function is a quick alternative to searching through the Physical Settlement Schedule and Payments Calendar.

Settlement Schedule Lookup by ​Calendar Day

Enter a calendar date. You will see if there is a preliminary and/or final settlement statement issued on that calendar day. You will also see if that date is the deadline for submitting a notice of disagreement (NOD). The form will not return any results if no statements are to be issued on that date, and if the date is not a NOD deadline.

 Download 2015 Physical Market SSPC (xlsx)​