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EPP Budget

​The IESO's support programs, comprised of the EPP, the Aboriginal Community Energy Plan (ACEP) program and the Education and Capacity Building (ECB) program, have a total $10-million budget per calendar year.

In recognition of the Support Program funding needs, on June 10, 2016, the Ministry provided further direction to the IESO to allocate the unspent Support Programs funds from the 2015 budget to the annual Support Programs budget for 2016, increasing the 2016 budget to $14 million.

This will enable the IESO to provide greater support through the EPP, ACEP and ECB, for:

  • the second Large Renewable Procurement (LRP) process as well as the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Program 5;
  • supporting continued interest and uptake by indigenous communities in the ACEP program;
  • progress towards the transmission connection of remote First Nation communities;
  • the implementation of diesel-reduction solutions in identified remote First Nations that are uneconomic to connect to transmission; and
  • the need for education and capacity building resources to further facilitate participation in these initiatives.

The schedule below sets out the allocation of the Support Funds budget between each of the Support Programs and Applicant Types. The IESO may revise and/or replace this schedule, in its sole and absolute discretion, from time to time.  

Energy Partnerships Program 2016 Budget Allocation: $11 million

Partnership Stream

Applicant Type ​Budget Allocation
​Co-op, Public Sector, Municipality​$2 million
​Aboriginal RE Projects​​$2 million
​Aboriginal Transmission​​$2 million
​Total: ​​$6 million

Project Development Stream

Applicant Type ​Budget Allocation
​Co-op, Public Sector, Municipality​$1.5 million
​Aboriginal RE Projects​$1.5 million
​Remote Communities​$2 million
​Total: ​$5 million

** The ACEP and ECB Programs have a combined budget allocation of $3 million.