Program Resources - LRP II

This page contains the final versions of the LRP II RFQ, related Prescribed Forms, FAQ and the IESO’s responses to the LRP II RFQ Question and Comment Period. Connection related resources have also been made available.

Archived LRP I RFQ and LRP I RFP materials can be found in the LRP I Archive.

LRP II RFQ Documents

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

Prescribed Forms & Prescribed Template

Connection Related Resources


LRP II RFQ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (Updated September 7, 2016)

Questions and Comments

Schedule for the LRP II RFQ Question and Comment Period 

The Question and Comment Period for the LRP II RFQ began on August 1, 2016. Two Question and Comment Periods were held, with submission deadlines of August 5 for questions on the final materials, and August 25 for additional questions, including on any potential Addenda. Submissions are posted below.

Posting of Submitted Questions and Comments: