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Large Renewable Procurement

The Large Renewable Procurement (LRP) is a competitive process for procuring large renewable energy projects generally larger than 500 kilowatts.

The LRP is an important component of Ontario’s ongoing commitment to building a cleaner and more sustainable energy system, and represents a key step in the province’s 2025 target for renewable energy to comprise about half of Ontario's installed capacity. Targets for the first procurement included up to 300 MW of wind, 140 MW of solar, 50 MW of bioenergy and 75 MW of waterpower.

Please note that as of February 4, 2015, all updates to the LRP will be posted here, and all previously posted information and material on the LRP is available on the legacy OPA website at powerauthority.on.ca/large-renewable-procurement.

LRP I Contracts Executed – April 12, 2016

The 16 LRP I contracts offered on March 10, 2016, have now been signed and executed. The LRP I RFP Selected Proponents List has been updated to reflect the rated criteria categories awarded to each of the Selected Proponents as part of the proposal evaluation process and the participating Aboriginal communities on each project.

With the execution of the contracts, the LRP I process is now concluded. Contracted projects will be required to obtain all necessary licenses and approvals, such as a Renewable Energy Approval or conducting an Environmental Assessment, before they can be built and operated. These processes are separate from the IESO’s procurement initiatives and include additional community engagement.

The IESO has initiated a stakeholder and community engagement to invite feedback on the LRP I process and understand what improvements can be made prior to the second round of procurement (LRP II). For more information see the LRP Engagement page.

Read more about the LRP II process and related Minister’s directive to the IESO.

LRP I Contracts Offered – March 10, 2016

The IESO has completed its evaluation of the 103 proposals received in response to the LRP I RFP and has offered 16 LRP I contracts to successful proponents.

The 16 contracts offered represent 454.885 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy capacity. This capacity contributes to the achievement of the province’s renewable energy targets. The results include:

  • 5 wind contracts totalling 299.5 MW, with a weighted average price of $85.94/MWh and an approximate weighted price range of $64.50 to $105.50/MWh;
  • 7 solar contracts totalling 139.885 MW, with a weighted average price of $156.67/MWh and an approximate weighted price range of $141.50 to $178.50/MWh; and
  • 4 hydroelectric contracts totalling 15.5 MW, with a weighted average price of $175.92/MWh and an approximate weighted price range of $173.50 to $177.00/MWh

Of these, 13 projects (319.9 MW) include participation from one or more Aboriginal communities, including five with more than 50 percent Aboriginal participation. Additionally, 75 percent of the successful proposals had received support from local municipalities, and more than 60 percent had support from abutting landowners.

The full list of contract offers, including project location, fuel type, contract capacity and contact information, see the LRP I RFP Selected Proponents List.

The development and design of the program’s requirements, including those for community and municipal engagement, were informed by broad engagement with municipalities, Aboriginal communities, industry associations, the general public and other stakeholders. The LRP program requirements were designed to strike a balance between early community engagement and achieving value for ratepayers. Local support – from the municipality, local First Nation community and/or from landowners adjacent to the project – was a factor in project evaluation.

View the RFP Fairness Advisor letter.

Past Activities - 2015

Date Activities Details     
​November 20, 2015​LRP I RFP timetable extended to March 2016
​September 10, 2015​LRP I RFP List of Registered Proponents updated to reflect
submission status by the September 1, 2015 proposal
submission deadline
View the document
​August 25, 2015​LRP I RFP List of Registered Proponents PostedView the document 
​July 31, 2015 ​LRP I RFP Addendum 2 ​View the Program Resources page
​June 12, 2015 ​LRP I RFP Addendum 1 ​View the Program Resources page
​June 12, 2015​Comment Period on Proposed Changes to the LRP I Voluntary Termination Provisions postedView the draft document
​Mar. 10, 2015​Final LRP I RFP program documents posted ​View the Program Resources page
Feb. 27, 2015Posting date of final LRP documents revised to March 10, 2015.
Feb. 13, 2015 A response to feedback from Qualified Applicants and an extension
of the supplementary network circuit screening process deadline.
View the update document
Feb. 4, 2015Posting date of final documents is extended to March 3, 2015, 
the RFP timetable is revised, changes to final documents
and supplementary network circuit information.
View the update document

Jan. 20 and 22

Webinar to discuss stakeholder feedback on the proposed 2015 microFIT and FIT enhancements, as well as on the draft Large Renewable Procurement Request for Proposals (LRP I RFP). View the Jan. 20 session archive
View the Jan. 22 session archive
View the webinar presentation
For previous LRP activities, visit the legacy OPA website at powerauthority.on.ca/large-renewable-procurement.

The LRP I Process

The first phase of the LRP (LRP I) consisted of both a Request for Qualifications (LRP I RFQ) and a Request for Proposals (LRP I RFP) stage. During the LRP I RFQ stage 42 applicants were qualified based on their ability to meet a set of mandatory requirements focused on past development experience and financial capability.

Qualified Applicants were then eligible to submit project-specific proposals in response the RFP that detailed location, capacity, and connection point, as well as evidence of meaningful community engagement. Important dates can be found in Section 2.2 of the LRP I RFP.

More information about the
LRP I RFP is available on the Program Resources page

The LRP I RFP was designed to strike a balance between early community engagement and achieving
value for ratepayers. Large Renewable Projects proposed through this process must have demonstrated
site and resource due diligence as well engagement with the communities in which they were proposing
to locate. Preference was also given to projects that demonstrated additional community support and participation from Aboriginal Communities.

Now that the LRP I RFP process has completed, the IESO intends to seek feedback from stakeholders, municipalities and Aboriginal communities to understand what improvements can be made prior to the second round of large renewable procurement (LRP II).  See more information on the LRP Engagement page.