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Process and Systems

​​The Process and Systems initiative provides financial incentives to encourage investment in innovative process changes and equipment retrofits. In exchange, participants will commit to deliver specific conservation targets within a specific time period and maintain these savings over the expected life of the project.

​​Process and Systems applications can involve capital investments for a single project, a small capital project, a portfolio of projects, or a self-generation project. Typical projects include equipment to reduce demand and consumption, waste energy recovery generation, as well as combined heat and power generation projects.

Further enhancements to the Process and Systems initiatives are currently under development. Over the summer of 2015, the IESO will be seeking input on the Process and Systems Participation Agreement. Please see the ongoing Stakeholder Engagement for updates.

Available Incentives

  • Funding for preliminary and detailed engineering studies
  • Project incentives for approved projects based on:
    • $230 per MWh for annualized electricity savings, or
    • 70% of eligible project costs (40% for natural gas generation), or
    • Achieving a one-year simple payback
  • Project incentive maximum of $10 million

Project Features

​Project TypeAnnualized Electricity Savings ​Project Incentive Agreement Term ​Detailed Engineering Study Requirement 
​ProjectMinimum 350 MWh​10 year​Yes
​Small Capital ProjectMinimum 100 MWh Maximum project incentive of $1,000,000 ​5 years​No (see Small Capital Project Guidelines)
​PortfolioTwo or more Projects totalling a minimum of 3,500 MWh​10 years​Yes
​Self-GenerationLess than 20 MW nameplate capacity​10 years​Yes

How to Participate

All Process and Systems projects must be approved by the IESO before implementation. Additional information on application and participation requirements can be found in the Program Documents above. For more information on the Industrial Accelerator Program, please contact an IESO Business Manager at ia@ieso.ca.