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Market Monitoring FAQ


  1. How does the Market Surveillance Panel (MSP) monitor activities and market participant conduct in the IESO-administered markets?

    Daily market monitoring is conducted by the Market Assessment Unit (MAU) on behalf of the MSP. Internal and external data is aggregated and reviewed on a frequent basis and constitutes the first step to assess market activity and market participant conduct. The MAU has developed a number of queries to conduct more isolated screening and analysis of data and to help identify market trends.

  2. What is the process for launching an MSP investigation?

    An MSP investigation may be launched on the initiative of the Panel, upon a request from the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) Chair, or upon receipt of a written referral or complaint from any person. The procedure for requesting an MSP investigation is set out in OEB By-Law #3.

  3. Who is on the Market Surveillance Panel?

    Market Surveillance Panel members are listed on the OEB website.

  4. Are market surveillance reports public documents?

    Yes, market surveillance reports are published on the OEB website. Reports may be edited to remove confidential information prior to being made public.