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Facility Registration

Organizations must register a physical facility (generation, load, transmission and distribution) that is connecting to the IESO-controlled grid (ICG), will participate in the IESO-administered markets or programs, or is required by a Connection Assessment to register with the IESO. 

The Manage Facilities and Equipment task should be started when any applicable connection assessment is complete and one or more of the following has begun: the Authorize Market Participant task, construction of the facility, or modification of any equipment within a registered facility.

For organizations who have not completed a connection assessment with the IESO, please visit Connection Assessments.

Verifying Online IESO equipment data

The IESO has populated facility, equipment and resource data from previously submitted registration forms. Prior to making any changes for existing facilities, equipment and resources, and not more than one year after the launch of Facility Registration in Online IESO (by December 4, 2016), market participants must verify the relevant data and provide the IESO with any missing data. 

To verify your data in Online IESO:

  • Select action 'Manage Facilities and Equipment' and request type 'Verify equipment / Resource Master Data'
  • Select your facility and verify registration data
  • If corrections are required or to provide any missing data, please provide the revisions using the appropriate forms to IESO Market Registration via email. Forms can be found at Participant & Facility Registration Forms.

A request to modify equipment data, e.g. a transformer replacement, will also require the equipment registration specialist to verify all equipment data upstream of this equipment.

Please contact market.registration@ieso.ca to determine which data correction method is applicable.

Registering a facility helps to ensure the reliability and performance of the IESO-controlled grid. The Manage Facilities and Equipment task gathers the technical information needed to represent the facility in IESO systems. The information includes the physical characteristics, location of the facility and the people responsible for specific roles at the facility. The information is also used to ensure that the facility meets performance standards, and where applicable, connection requirements identified in a completed connection assessment.

To register a facility within Online IESO, select Actions menu, "Manage Facilities & Equipment" and complete the necessary steps. Some of the information that will be required through Online IESO may include, but is not restricted to:

  • ​Connection Agreement with the transmitter if the facility is connected to the IESO-controlled grid, or with the local distribution company (LDC) if connected to a distribution system.
  • ​Protection Description Document

  • ​Facility Description Documents (FDD) if the facility is to be connected to the IESO-controlled grid and equipped with a Special Protection System (SPS), as required by the connection assessment.

Assistance is Available

Please contact the IESO at market.registration@ieso.ca for assistance to complete required registration documentation.