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2015 Ontario Reliability Compliance Program Schedule

​Each year NERC, NPCC Inc., and the IESO select a subset of reliability standards for monitoring. Market Participants are required to provide reliability compliance information under the IESO's Ontario Reliability Compliance Program (ORCP).

The schedule for reliability compliance submissions by market participants is shown in the table below. The 2015 ORCP Schedule and History of Changes (Published September 11, 2015).

Please note the forms below are for information purposes only. Market Participants must submit the electronic certification forms using the IESO Reliability Compliance Tool accessed via the IESO Web Portal.      

​Document Title ​Frequency
(Annually unless indicated)
MP Submission Date ​NERC Functional Model Entity ​Form

​Directory 12 Section 5.4

​Generator Underfrequency Protection Requirements​14-Sept-15​G1718
​Directory 12 Section 5.2​Automatic Underfrequency Load Shedding consistent with NPCC's UFLS program requirements​14-Sept-15​T, D, W1719
Market Manual 7.10​​Emergency Preparedness Planning (a)​01-Feb-16​1608
​Market Manual 7.8​Emergency Restoration Planning (a)​01-Feb-161609
​FAC-003-3​Transmission Vegetation Management Program​Quarterly*​TO, GO1527
​PRC-004-2.1a​Analysis and Mitigation of Transmission and Generation Protection System Misoperations​Quarterly ​01-May-15
​DP, GO, TO​Via email

(a) Applicable to those market participants identified by the IESO as Restoration Participants.