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Market Surveillance Panel Monitoring Report on the
IESO-Administered Electricity Markets:
    ● April 20, 2015
    ● January 6, 2014

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Addressing Constrained-Off Payments for Ontario Interties

​In response to a recommendation by the Market Surveillance Panel (MSP), the IESO is seeking to eliminate constrained-off payments for all Ontario interconnections. In its most recent report, the MSP outlined specific evidence that these payments do not provide commensurate value to the market and have the potential to incent inefficient behaviour resulting in unnecessary costs for Ontario consumers.

This stakeholder engagement initiative will present an overview of the issue, provide analysis and invite discussion from stakeholders as the IESO completes its understanding of any impacts that arise as a result of eliminating these payments.

All interested stakeholders are invited to participate in this engagement.

Schedule of Activities

Date/Agenda/Minutes ​Supporting Material and Expected
​September 23, 2015 ​Stakeholder engagement initiative closed
​September 18, 2015​Market Rules in effect
​July 7, 2015 Referred to IESO Technical Panel
​June 24, 2015 IESO Response to stakeholder feedback
June 1, 2015 Stakeholder Feedback
​May 20, 2015
Meeting Summary – REVISED
Meeting to present an overview of analysis