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Adequacy Reporting

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​For more information on this stakeholder initiative, email Stakeholder Engagement.

​This stakeholder engagement will discuss the proposed changes to adequacy reporting and the information published in a number of key IESO reports. This engagement will seek input from stakeholders on the path forward, and look to implement changes to various reports by mid-2015.

Participation is open to all stakeholders, particularly market participants, stakeholders or service providers that retrieve data from System Status Reports, System Adequacy Assessment, and Adequacy Reports, among others.

​Date Agenda ​Activities ​Expected Actions
​July 11, 2016 Adequacy Reporting Engagement now Closed
June 21, 2016 ​New Adequacy Reports to be launched on June 21
​May 13, 2016 ​Adequacy Reporting Test Plan Update - Submitting ELD
​May 12, 2016Test PlanFinal version AR Test Plan – to update sections 3.2.6 and 3.2.7
​May 11, 2016 ​Adequacy Reporting Refresh – Summary of Changes
​May 2, 2016

​Adequacy Reporting Refresh Market Trial - Test Plan

​April 19, 2016 ​Adequacy Reporting Refresh Market Trial – Test Plan
​April 15, 2016 ​Adequacy Reporting Refresh - Market Trials Update
​April 7, 2016
​March 30, 2016 ​Adequacy Reporting Reports and Response to Stakeholder Feedback
​March 18, 2016 ​Stakeholder Feedback
March 10, 2016
​Webinar to present and discuss the status of the project and implementation specifics
February 1, 2016 IESO to post sample and schema files for the changes, and sandbox testing
​December 18, 2015 ​Adequacy Reporting - Implementation Schedule
​December 1, 2015IESO Response to stakeholder feedback
​November 24, 2015 Stakeholder Feedback           
​November 10, 2015
Meeting Notes
​Webinar to present and discuss implementation enhancements
​March 30, 2015 ​Resource Adequacy Stakeholder Engagement – Next Steps
​March 27, 2015 IESO Response to stakeholder feedback
​March 26, 2015

​Request for feedback Adequacy Reporting proposal

Stakeholder Feedback
​March 18, 2015 Adequacy Report Update
​January 28 Feedback due to IESO Stakeholder Engagement
​January 14


Presentation Mock-Up Reports
​December 12 ​Communication