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Capacity Exports

The IESO is investigating the potential for allowing Ontario generators to export their capacity to other jurisdictions.

Stakeholders are invited to participate by providing input into the process which will establish the rules and protocols to enable market participants with generating capacity not required for Ontario’s reliability requirements an opportunity to earn revenue by exporting this capacity. Such exports would also have the effect of improving the efficient utilisation of assets on a regional basis.

The IESO encourages all stakeholders in Ontario’s electricity sector, or their representatives, with an interest in this matter to participate in this engagement. This initiative will be of specific interest to stakeholders who are interested in being able to offer their capacity in external capacity markets.

This stakeholder engagement plan may be subject to review and update as the process evolves and meaningful revisions are required to ensure that individuals have the opportunity to contribute their input on this initiative most efficiently.

All comments and enquiries in this stakeholder engagement can be directed to stakeholder.engagement@ieso.ca.

Draft SE Plan

Proposed Activities 

Date/Agenda/Minutes ​Activities ​Expected Actions
​November 29, 2016
​Stakeholder Meeting - Postponed
​October 12, 2016
​Capacity Exports Update
​September 28, 2016
Minutes (Draft)
​September 23, 2016 Webinar – Rescheduled        
​September 14, 2016 ​IESO Response to Stakeholder Feedback
​July 28, 2016 Deadline for stakeholder feedback on materials presented at July 14th webinar
​July 14, 2016
​Webinar to provide in update on IESO work activities
May 25, 2016
Minutes (Draft)
Stakeholder Meeting
​May 12, 2016 Stakeholder meeting - Postponed           
​February 4, 2016
Stakeholder meeting: Status update & proposed revised workplan
January 29, 2016 ​Stakeholder Feedback IESO Response to Stakeholder Feedback
​August 5, 2015 Capacity Exports - Status Update
May 14, 2015 ​Cancelled - Stakeholder meeting: Review feedback and finalize design ​Materials posted one week in advance
​April 23, 2015 Stakeholder feedback due on information presented at stakeholder meeting
  • No Feedback Received
Publish stakeholder feedback​
April 16, 2015​
Stakeholder meeting: Review feedback and Overview of Process and procedures​ Materials posted one week in advance of meeting​
​April 15, 2015 IESO response to stakeholder feedback​
​March 26, 2015

Stakeholder Feedback due on IESO issues and proposed approach.​

Stakeholder Feedback
Publish Stakeholder comments on study parameters and approach. ​
March 19, 2015​ Stakeholder Feedback due on Stakeholder Engagement Plan​

Stakeholder Feedback
Publish stakeholder feedback ​
March 10, 2015​
Stakeholder Meeting: Overview of initiative, issues and proposed approach​ Materials posted one week in advance of meeting​
February 19, 2015​ Post and communicate Stakeholder Engagement Plan​