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​For more information on this stakeholder initiative, email Stakeholder Engagement.

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Online Registration

Facility Registration

​The Online Registration Project focuses on the processes associated with registering new participants and their facilities and managing data relating to these facilities and their equipment. The processes for registering and managing their facility information have not changed significantly since the opening of the market 13 years ago. The existing processes capture facility information through facsimile, forms and email and require IESO staff to manually validate, compile, and input the information into IESO systems. The Facility Registration stage will evolve, redesign and automate registration processes to:

  • Be more efficient for the IESO and participants to execute
  • Improve the quality of the data submitted and accessibility by our markets participants
  • Improve the level of service provided to participants and IESO users

Stakeholder engagement will focus on testing and implementation.

Proposed Activities 

Date/Agenda/Minutes ​Activities ​Expected Actions
December 3, 2015Facility Registration in-service in Online IESO
​TBC​Webinar to demonstrate Facility Registration Automation in Online IESO
​TBC​IESO Response to Market Trials Feedback
​November 2, 2015 Phase 2 Market Trials
​July 2015​IESO Response to Market Trials Feedback
​June 15, 2015 to June 26, 2015​Phase 1 Market Trials
​June 15, 2015 Webinar to demonstrate Facility Registration Automation in Online IESO 
​May 22, 2015Invitation to participate in webinar and Market Trials