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​For more information on this stakeholder initiative, email Stakeholder Engagement.

Floor Price Review

​The IESO has completed a review of floor prices for variable generation, including additional research on the marginal cost of wind and solar manoeuvring and shutdown, as well as assessing the impact on market operations. The review comprised:

  • Additional research on the marginal cost of variable generation manoeuvring. At the IESO's request, Navigant Consulting interviewed generators, equipment providers and other ISOs in order to ascertain the marginal cost of manoeuvring from multiple sources;
  • IESO market analysis of changes to the current floor prices and associated dispatch order.

In the context of this stakeholder engagement, the IESO will share the results of this work and discuss with stakeholders the implications for current floor prices and dispatch order.

The IESO encourages all stakeholders in Ontario's electricity sector, or their representatives, with an interest in this matter to participate in this engagement. This initiative will be of particular interest to generators participating in the IESO-administered markets.

This stakeholder engagement plan may be subject to review and update as the process evolves and meaningful revisions are required to ensure that individuals have the opportunity to contribute their input on this initiative most efficiently.

All comments and enquiries in this stakeholder engagement can be directed to stakeholder.engagement@ieso.ca.

Draft SE Plan
Navigant Study - Marginal Cost of Wind and Solar PV Electricity Generation Proposed Activities

Proposed Activities 

Date/Agenda/Minutes ​Activities ​Expected Actions
​January 6, 2016​Update:  Floor Prices 
​December 2, 2015 Floor Prices Update
​October 19, 2015 Floor Price Review: Response to Feedback and Next Steps
​September 11, 2015 ​Deadline for stakeholder feedback from first meeting Stakeholder Feedback:
​August 12, 2015
Stakeholder Meeting: Review of Feedback and Next Steps ​Materials posted one week in advance
​July 30, 2015 Deadline for stakeholder feedback from first meeting

Stakeholder Feedback

IESO Response to Stakeholder Feedback

​July 17, 2015

​Stakeholder Meeting: Presentation of IESO and Navigant analysis and proposed revisions to floor price regimes​Materials posted one week in advance of meeting
​June 25, 2015

​Post and communicate Stakeholder Engagement Plan, Navigant Study