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Central Toronto - Community Engagement

An Integrated Regional Resource Plan (IRRP) is currently being developed that looks ahead to ensure there is enough electricity to reliably and securely meet the needs of central Toronto. A Discussion Workbook was created to provide information on the plan which asked for input on three key topics:

  • What are your expectations around electricity service, and what number and duration of power outages can you tolerate?

  • Would you be willing to pay more in order to reduce the number or duration of power outages, and if so, how much more?

  • What are your preferences when you consider the options available to meet central Toronto's needs?

The comment period for the Toronto IRRP Discussion Workbook is now closed. Thank you to all who submitted feedback. The workbook was posted from September 3 to October 10, and provided background information on the plan and included a series of questions to collect feedback. Download a copy of the Discussion Workbook for your reference.

A draft plan will be posted xxxxx and will be available for comment and feedback. To be notified about the posting, please subscribe to receive updates on the Central Toronto area.


Date/Agenda ​ActivitiesExpected Actions
​September 30, 2014 Open houses to engage with customers, answer questions and explain the available options to meet Toronto’s future electricity needs
​September 11, 2014Identical webinars to present the materials in the workbook and answer any questions about the plan