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Changes to Day-Ahead Production Cost Guarantee - Chapter 7, Market Rules (SE-102)

After initial discussions with stakeholders, the IESO has launched a consultation to develop a market rule amendment to address situations where ramping down over hour ending one is causing inappropriate Day Ahead Production Cost Guarantee (DA-PCG) payments.

The IESO has identified these inappropriate payments as being caused by a combination of low real-time offers for hour ending 24, high day-ahead offers for hour ending 1, and a ramp rate that prohibits the unit from ramping down in one hour or less for hour ending 1. High incremental energy and speed-no-load offers for hour ending 1 can lead to substantial DA-PCG payments for that hour.

Gas generators that are eligible for Production Cost Guarantees and associated service providers will be most interested in this consultation.

For more information on this stakeholder initiative, please review the Background Memorandum.

Please submit comments or questions by email stakeholder.engagement@ieso.ca.


Scheduled Activities

Date Agenda/Minutes


Expected Actions

​September 2012​Consultation closed

September 18, 2012

Technical Panel meeting

Vote for rule amendment submission to IESO Board

September 10, 2012

IESO Response to Stakeholder Feedback

August, 2012

Meeting (Not Requested)

Discuss draft MR amendment with stakeholders

August 14, 2012

Communication re Changes to Day-Ahead Production Cost Guarantee

Stakeholder Feedback

July 17, 2012

Technical Panel meeting

Request Technical Panel to warrant consideration of proposed rule amendment


Post stakeholder feedback and IESO Response

July, 2012 (TBD)


Review potential remedies and seek Stakeholder feedback

June 15, 2012

Background Memorandum

Notes from June 11 conference call with Gas Generators