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Online Prudential Enhancement Working Group(SE-116)

​The IESO has formed this working group to test the new prudential tools that will help market participants monitor and manage their prudential support information. The working group participation is open to all stakeholders, particularly representatives of market participants who are involved in prudential-related registration activities, including the calculation and management of prudential support information.

The Prudential Manager has been enhanced with new functionality in response to user feedback and new online prudential application form(s) will be added to the Registration System for new and existing participants to:

  • Complete and submit several prudential forms online
  • Have an online prudential scenario calculator

The enhancements will increase accuracy, reduce processing times and help market participants better assess and manage their prudential support information.

The goal of this working group is to gather feedback on the features, functions and integration of the new prudential tools.

The feedback will be considered by the IESO in future releases.

Terms of Reference (Draft)

 Schedule of Activities

Date Agenda/MinutesActivitiesExpected Actions
February 25, 2014

Stakeholder Engagement Closed

IESO to post response to feedback
February 7, 2014Deadline for Stakeholder Feedback​Working Group to provide written feedback
​January 27 to February 7, 2014​Working Group Testing Period​Working Group to provide written feedback
​January 21, 2014

​Webinar with demonstration of Enhanced Prudential Manager including new online prudential scenario calculator

​Working Group meeting
​January 2, 2014

​Communicate in IESO Bulletin to request for working group volunteers.

​Stakeholders to provide written feedback by Jan 10, 2014