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MPI/API Replacement Working Group

​The IESO has formed this working group to get feedback on the MPI/API replacement refresh project. Stakeholders are asked to give input on matters relating to the redesign, transition, implementation schedule and key milestones of the project.

At the conclusion of the working group, the IESO will publish a final project plan with the implementation timeline.

Terms of Reference (Draft)

 Schedule of Activities

Date Agenda/Minutes Activities Expected Actions
​October 7, 2016
​MPI/API Replacement Working Group now complete
​August 3, 2016
​EMI Training webinar
​July 20, 2016
​EMI Training webinar
​July 18, 2016 ​New Sandbox System for Bid and Offer Submissions
​June 27, 2016​EMI Training Webinar
​June 17, 2016 Changes to MIM IDK API Accounts Coming Soon
​June 3, 2016​Webinar
​May 24, 2016 ​Important Changes to the Bid and Offer Submission Process
​May 9, 2016 EMI Market Trial

The user guides that were posted here are now available on the Training page.

​April 27, 2016 EMI Market Trials – Postponed
​April 25, 2016 EMI Market Trial ​To register please email engagement@ieso.ca
​April 22, 2016 ​EMI Market Trials
​February 24, 2016 Webinar
​January 4, 2016

​MIM API Market Trial - Wrap Up

​December 9, 2015

​API Market Trial - touchpoint

​November 25, 2015MIM 3 week Market Trial begins (ends December 16, 2015)
​November 24, 2015
Webinar to review the MIM Market Trial which will take place to test the IDK and API accounts               
​November 18, 2015MIM API Market Trial Test Plan - Updated
​November 12, 2015 Communication
​October 15, 2015
Webinar to provide an update on the project progress, market place testing and next steps.
​April 17, 2015
​Deadline for written input from stakeholders on EMI RTEM mock-up screens

Stakeholder Feedback

IESO Response to Stakeholder Feedback

​March 30, 2015
Minutes of Meeting
Unexpected Actions – Working group meeting
​March 19, 2015IESO Response to Stakeholder Feedback
​January 7, 2015 ​Communication​Working Group to provide written feedback by January 14, 2015
​December 10, 2014Communication ​Working Group to provide written feedback by December 30, 2014
​October 23, 2014IESO Response to Stakeholder Feedback
​October 9, 2014 ​Stakeholder feedback requested on the web service design

​September 25, 2014


​Meeting to provide an update on the API web services design

​Working Group Meeting


​September 16, 2014
​Stakeholder feedback requested on Access Control in Online IESO

August 20, 2014​​​


July 18, 2014

Deadline for Stakeholder Feedback

Working Group to provide written feedback

​June 27, 2014

​Meeting to present refined proposal (2nd draft) based on stakeholder feedback

​Working Group meeting
​June 17, 2014IESO Response to Stakeholder Feedback
May 19, 2014 Stakeholder Feedback​Working Group to provide written feedback

​April 28, 2014

​Initial meeting to present proposed changes to MPI/API solution and preliminary schedule
​Working Group meeting
​March 27, 2014

​Communicate in IESO Bulletin to request for working group volunteers

​Stakeholders to provide written feedback by April 14, 2014