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 Emergency Control Actions and Counter-Intuitive Prices (SE-3)

Conditions may arise that necessitate the IESO to implement a number of emergency control actions to maintain the reliable operation of the IESO-controlled grid. These emergency control actions include voltage reductions, emergency energy purchases, and non-dispatchable load cuts. Counter-intuitive pricing occurs when the emergency control action affects demand in the market pricing sequences, resulting in pricing outcomes and signals that do not reflect actual market conditions.

As a result of discussions with market participants and other stakeholders, market rule and software changes to IESO systems were recently made with a view to ensuring a more efficient and reliable electricity system under such conditions.

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​June 2005​Consultation closed

June 16, 2005

 Board Decision

June 10, 2005

 IESO Comments on Alternatives Discussed at Market Pricing Working Group Session

May/June 2005

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