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Criteria for Supply to Large Urban Areas (SE-50)

​The "Ontario Resource and Transmission Assessment Criteria" (IMO_REQ_0041) documents the current practices for assessing transmission plans in Ontario. Section 7, Load Security and Restoration Criteria, describes the transmission system criteria that is used in system planning required to meet the forecasted consumption.

The current criteria are used to determine the transmission requirements for the forecasted consumption for all areas in Ontario, including large urban centres.

The purpose of this initiative is to address the concerns raised by stakeholders during recent assessments of new transmission supply projects that the documented process does not address the needs of large urban centres. Large urban centres are unique because of their large and concentrated population and the significant consequences of an electricity interruption on the associated services.

The goal of the Stakeholder Engagement Plan is to gather stakeholder feedback to determine whether the standards set out in Section 7 of the Ontario Resource and Transmission Assessment Criteria meets the needs for large urban areas given their unique characteristics and the present day structure of the electricity market.

The objectives are to determine:

  1. Does the criterion as expressed in Section 7 of the manual provide the appropriate level of adequacy, i.e. load meeting capability with adequate margins for contingencies and maintenance needs?
  2. Does the criterion as expressed in Section 7 of the manual provide the appropriate level of security, i.e. severity of contingencies and level of mitigation from high impact events that should be considered?
  3. Are there any additional requirements with respect to the criteria for supply to large urban areas?
  4. Are there any required revisions to the market manual, Section 7, based on input on the above objectives?

Stakeholder Engagement Plan (Draft)
Stakeholder Engagement Plan (Revised, January 30, 2008)
Stakeholder Engagement Plan (Revised, February 8, 2008)
Stakeholder Engagement Plan (Revised, April 2, 2008)

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Deadline for stakeholder written submissions on the draft document

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Convene working group to discuss potential solutions to issues that have been identified, if required

April 3, 2008

Update to stakeholders on research activity

February 28, 2008

Post and communicate stakeholder feedback

Stakeholder Feedback

February 22, 2008

Deadline for comments on the current standards

February 1, 2008

Information webcast on current standards

Stakeholder Feedback

January 30, 2008

IESO Response to Stakeholder Comments

January 10, 2008

Communicate/e-mail specific questions to gather stakeholder feedback on the current standards.

January 9, 2008

Deadline for feedback on the stakeholder plan

Stakeholder Feedback

December 21, 2007

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