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Export Transmission Service Tariff Study (SE-94)

​The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has concluded that there is a pressing need for a comprehensive Export Transmission Service (ETS) tariff study as part of their decision on Hydro One's 2011 and 2012 transmission rates review (EB-2010-0002). The IESO is undertaking this new study which will identify a range of proposed export tariff designs and rate scenarios, and examine the pros and cons of each scenario for analysis.

The Export Transmission Service (ETS) tariff is a charge applied to each Megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity exports to recover the costs of transmission.

The results of the study will permit the OEB to carry out an informed review and assessment of the market and operational benefits attributed to different ETS tariff options and values.

This initiative may be of interest to all wholesale market participants and stakeholder groups; in particular, transmission customers, generators and wholesale consumers directly involved in performing export, import and wheel-through transactions. We encourage all stakeholders, or their representatives, with an interest in this matter to participate in the process, including OEB staff.

Draft Stakeholder Engagement Plan and Work Scope
Draft Stakeholder Engagement Plan and Work Scope (Revised August 18, 2011)

For more information on this stakeholder initiative, email stakeholder.engagement@ieso.ca.

Schedule of Activities

Date Agenda/Minutes


Expected Actions

​Q2 2012​Consultation closed

June 22, 2012

IESO submits final ETS Tariff Study Report and Addendum to OEB in support of Hydro One Rate Application (File No. EB-2012-0031).

Stakeholders invited to participate in OEB rate application including further opportunity to comment on the ETS analysis.

May 24, 2012
Meeting Notes

May 16, 2012

January 26, 2012

January 19, 2012
Meeting Notes

Stakeholder Feedback

September 19, 2011
Meeting Notes

Stakeholder conference call to update on detailed study approach and methodology.

 Stakeholder Feedback

July 13, 2011

IESO Response to Stakeholder Feedback
(Updated July 28)

June 9, 2011

Stakeholder Feedback

May 30, 2011
Agenda (Revised)
Meeting Notes

Joint IESO/Hydro One Stakeholder meeting to discuss their early comments and any proposed changes to the plan and work scope.

Stakeholders to provide written feedback by June 9, 2011.

May 19, 2011

Publish stakeholder plan to solicit their early feedback on work scope.

Stakeholders to provide written feedback by June 9, 2011.