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Smart Metering Entity (SME) Licence Renewal Order Working Group

In its January 26, 2016 decision, the Ontario Energy Board required "…that the Smart Metering Entity shall, effective January 1, 2017, collect the following information associated with each meter (modified where necessary to sufficiently render it non-personal information) :

a. The postal code.

b. The distributor rate class.

c. The commodity rate class.

d. Occupant change data.

The OEB also required the Smart Metering Entity to prepare implementation plans to be included with its next application for a licence renewal (Fall 2016) to address the collection of this additional information and with respect to third party access to this enhanced SME data, including an assessment of the cost implications.

The OEB will be launching a policy review to determine the best regulatory mechanisms, such as the amendment of the SME licence and corresponding amendments to the LDC licences, to ensure that the SME has adequate information to carry out its mandate.

This Working Group has been established to help inform and advise the IESO on the development of the implementation plans to meet the requirements of the Ontario Energy Board's Decision in a manner compliant with applicable legislation and privacy requirements. 

The Working Group is comprised of a broad selection of LDCs, and representatives from the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC), the Ministry of Energy (MoE), the Electricity Distributors Association (EDA), and the Gas Utilities (Enbridge and Union Gas).

Furthermore, the IESO will leverage the work and recommendations from other initiatives, such as the Foundation Stakeholder Engagement to inform certain project deliverables, such as the implementation plan with respect to third party access. The Working Group will consider how to involve broader audiences throughout the life of the project.

Working Group Meetings and Materials

​Date Agenda/Minutes ​Supporting Materials
​March 21, 2016Presentation, Agenda, etc