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Geoff Lupton

Geoff Lupton is a member of IESO's Stakeholder Advisory Committee, representing the sector of Ontario communities.

Mr. Lupton joined the City of Hamilton in 2006 and is now the Director of Energy, Fleet and Traffic. Prior to being Director, he began as the City's first Manager of Energy Initiatives. Mr. Lupton is also the Senior Vice President of the City's wholly-owned energy subsidiary Hamilton Renewable Energy Inc. which has a generation capacity of 4.8 MW (megawatts), making Hamilton one of Ontario's largest municipal renewable energy producers.

In Hamilton, Mr. Lupton has played a key role in creating the City's first Corporate Energy Policy that establishes energy reduction targets, and strategies to achieve these results. He also developed the City's first Energy Commodity Policy and the City's new District Energy (Cooling) System. To date, the City's energy program has reduced building energy intensity by almost 20% and saved over $32 million dollars.

Mr. Lupton has over 27 years of direct energy/utility industry experience and has worked for three of Canada's top utilities: Ontario Hydro, Toronto Hydro and EPCOR Utilities Inc.  Mr. Lupton is a graduate of Mohawk College's Energy Systems Engineering Technology Program and the Canadian Institute of Management (CIM) from the University of Toronto.