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Wind Power Standing Committee

The Wind Power Standing Committee provides stakeholders with the opportunity to raise and discuss wind power related concerns and issues. Detailed stakeholder advice is solicited on specific changes regarding wind power.

For current updates, see Renewable Integration (SE-91).

Questions regarding the Wind Power Standing Committee or its membership can be directed to Stakeholder Engagement

Schedule of Activities

Meeting Date

Supporting Material

​September 2010​Wind Power Standing Committee Concluded

September 23, 2010

Item 1: Action Item Summary
Item 2: Status Update on Renewable and Embedded Generation Initiatives (Revised)
Item 3: Solar and Photovoltaic Forecasting
Item 5: Feed-in-Tariff Related Transmission Expansion
Item 6: Transmission Project Development Planning

May 13, 2010

Communication to Wind Power Standing Committee
Item 1: Action Item Summary
GE Energy response to the Adams/Cadieux Report on Quantifying the Benefits of Geographic Diversity
Item 2: Updates on Performance Requirements for Wind Generators
Item 3: NERC IVGTF (Phase II) Activities & IESO involvement
Item 4: Ontario's Renewable Energy/Feed-in-Tariff Initiatives

November 19, 2009

Item 1: Action Item Summary
Item 2: The OEB's Generation Connection Reforms
Item 3: Facilitating Wind Generation Facilities
Item 4: OPA's Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) Initiatives
Item 6: GEA/FIT Initiatives & Connection Assessment Processes
Item 7: Status update on NERC IVGTF (Phase II)

September 16, 2009


June 16, 2009
Agenda (Revised)

Communication on the next meeting

May 6, 2009


April 23, 2009

Communication to Wind Power Standing Committee and attendees from the Embedded Generation (SE-57) meetings

January 28, 2009

Item 2: Upcoming Wind Projects (OPA)
Item 2: WPSC Enabler (OPA)
Item 3: WPSC Recommendations and Actions
Item 5: Evolution of Generator Standards
Item 5: Facilitating Wind Connections
Item 6: Wind Generators: Forecasting and Compliance Requirements
Item 7: Wind Variability (Tom Adams)
Item 7: Quantifying the Benefits of Geographic Diversity (Tom Adams / Francois Cadieux)
Item 8: Overview of Utility Wind Integration and Operating Impact

November 5, 2008

Item 1: 2009 Proposed Meeting Dates

Item 2: Load Following and Wind Variability Analysis
Item 3: Facilitating Wind Generators
Item 4: Wind Participant Survey Results

Item 5: IESO Involvement in North American Wind Forums
Item 6: Energy Plan to Strengthen Green Ontario
(Ministry of Energy)

August 15, 2008


May 14, 2008

Item 2: Wind Capacity Contribution
Item 3: Wind Forecast Error Impacts on Efficiency
Item 4: Near-term Forecasts
Item 5: Wind Generators and Compliance
Item 6: Wind Power Management
Item 7: Wind Generation Activities and Issues

February 20, 2008

Standing Committee meeting to discuss forecasting
Item 3: Terms of Reference
Item 4: Wind Capacity Contribution Methodology
Item 5: Near Term Wind Forecasting
Item 6: Embedded Generation Update
Item 8: Power System Restoration - Role of Wind Generators
Item 9: Role of Wind Power in the Integrated Power System Plan (OPA)

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