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Technical Panel Membership

The Technical Panel proposes and reviews amendments to the Market Rules and as requested, advises the Board of Directors on specific technical issues related to the operation of the IESO-administered markets.

Terms of Reference provide guidance for the Technical Panel in the execution of their responsibilities.

Mark Wilson

Chuck Farmer - Chair
Director, Stakeholder & Public Affairs 

Shelly Cunningham

Shelly Cunningham
Senior Vice-President, Engineering Services
PowerStream Inc.
Representing: Distributors
Term Completion: July 7, 2017

David Curtis

Luis Marti
Director, Reliability Studies, Strategy and Compliance 
Hydro One Networks
Representing: Transmitters
Term Completion: September 11, 2017

Edith Chin

David Dent
Manager, Strategic and Power Markets
Union Gas Limited 
Representing: Natural Gas
Term Completion: February 28, 2018

Brian Kelly Paul Huebener
Managing Director
DIF Management 
Representing: Financial Industry                
Term Completion: February 13, 2017
Brian Kelly Brian Kelly
Manager, Market Affairs
TransCanada Energy Ltd.
Representing: Generators
Term Completion: July 7, 2017
Robert Lake Robert Lake
Representing: Residential Consumers

Term Completion: Fall 2016
Martin Longlade Martin Longlade
Representing: Industrial Consumers

Term Completion: July 7, 2017

Peter Rowles    Peter Rowles    
    Representing: Commercial Consumers
    Term Completion: Fall 2016    

Brian Rivard

Barbara Ellard
Director, Markets
Representing: IESO

​    Bill WilburBill Wilbur
    Director - Generation and Revenue Planning
    Ontario Power Generation
    Representing: Generators
    Term Completion: Fall 2016
Yannick Vennes ​Julien Wu
Manager, Regulatory Affairs, Quebec-Ontario
Brookfield Energy Marketing
Representing: Wholesalers
Term Completion: Fall 2019
​ John Rattray   Technical Panel Secretariat
    John Rattray
David Brown ​Ontario Energy Board Liaison
David Brown
Senior Policy Advisor
Wholesale Power Policy, Regulatory Policy Development
Ontario Energy Board
           ​​Technical Panel Secretariat
​​Susan Harrison