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2016 Achievable Potential Study - LDC Working Group

The Achievable Potential Study LDC Working Group has been established to seek input from representatives of Ontario’s local distribution sector on the IESO’s development of an updated Achievable Potential forecast for conservation in Ontario. The Study will be used to inform: the 2015-2020 Conservation First Framework mid-term review, including the aggregate and LDC-specific achievable potential by 2020; the short-term and long-term planning and program design and as an input into the 2016 Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP). A Study will be conducted every three years with the next Study completed by June 1, 2016.

In accordance with the terms set out in the Energy Conservation Agreement (ECA) between the IESO and each local distribution company (LDC), this Working Group is composed of IESO staff and LDCs representing Toronto Hydro, Hydro One and ten additional representatives with service areas in different planning regions across Ontario. Representatives of the Ontario Ministry of Energy, the Ontario Energy Board, natural gas utilities and the Electricity Distributors Association will participate in the Working Group as observers.

The Working Group will hold regular meetings throughout the study process. Key information, including minutes of meetings, will be available on this webpage to provide education and updates on the Study and its progress towards key milestones.

Energy Conservation Agreement, Schedule C – Achievable Potential Study
Minister’s Directive (March 31, 2014) – Section 6.2
Achievable Potential Study Guideline 

Study Timeline

​End March 2015Draft Scope of Achievable Potential Study​
​April 2015​Final Scope of Work
​May 2015​Procurement and Contracting
​July 2015​Study Work Begins
​February 2016​Draft Results of Study
​June 2016​Final Results of Study

Working Group Meetings and Materials

​Date Agenda/Minutes ​Supporting Materials
​March 2015​Meeting #4
​February 20, 2015 Meeting #3
  • Presentation
​February 4, 2015
​Meeting #2 (Teleconference/Webinar)
  • Presentation
​January 21, 2015
Meeting #1 of the Achievable Potential Study - LDC Working Group
​October 30, 2014
​Scoping Workshop to discuss stakeholder needs for the next Achievable Potential Study