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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is integral to the IESO's decision-making process. The goal is to provide individuals and organizations with the opportunity and forum to provide input and feedback about proposed decisions or Market Rule changes that affect their business. The IESO's stakeholder engagement process ensures transparency, efficiency and consistency.​

Stakeholder Summit

The IESO held its first Stakeholder Summit, "Setting the Course for the Way Forward" in March 2013. This open forum was held to provide an opportunity for Ontario electricity industry stakeholders to consider future issues and opportunities for the sector. The presentations and discussions from the Summit are highlighted in the Summary Report. The next Stakeholder Summit is planned for February 11, 2014.

See 2014 Stakeholder Summit for agenda and to register.

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Questions or feedback about stakeholder consultation processes or an initiative should be sent to Stakeholder Engagement.

Stakeholder Engagement

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Follow the process for change at the IESO, from the idea stage to decision and implementation.

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Stakeholder Advisory Committee

The Stakeholder Advisory Committee provides appointed stakeholder representatives with the opportunity to present advice and recommendations on market development and planning decisions directly to the IESO's Board of Directors and Senior Management Team. Members of the Committee represent electricity service providers, generators, conveyors and consumers of electricity. Stakeholders are encouraged to contact their representative on the Advisory Committee to provide input on issues that affect them.

The Stakeholder Advisory Committee meetings are open to all stakeholders with an interest in the electricity industry. Please see the schedule for a list of upcoming meetings.

Active Stakeholder Engagements

The IESO is committed to an open, two-way dialogue with stakeholders to help understand and resolve issues in a way that benefits both stakeholders and the IESO. Below you will find a listing of active stakeholder consultations being conducted by the IESO.  

See all Active Stakeholder Engagements.

The  Stakeholder Engagement Process outlines the process to solicit feedback from stakeholders. The Stakeholder Engagement Principles guide the conduct of the IESO and stakeholders throughout the engagement process. For an update on current and future stakeholder consultations, see quarterly Engagement Update.


Completed Consultations 

For past stakeholder engagements, see Completed Consultations.

Upcoming Stakeholder Engagement Events

Date Event Location

October 2013 ​


Stakeholder Advisory Committee Meeting
Additional Information


Online Registration Working Group (SE-108)
Additional Information



Settlement Meter Data Applications Working Group
Additional Information


November 2013


Review of Generation Guarantee Programs (SE-111)
Additional Information



Outage Management Process Redesign (SE-109)
Additional Information



Baseline 31.0: Comments for Technical Interface Documents
Submit comments concerning technical interface documents 
(10 business days)



Consultation Forums​

Technical Panel

The Technical Panel proposes and reviews amendments to Market Rules. See membership, meeting materials and Market Rules currently under review.

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Standing Committees

Standing Committees allow stakeholders to stay informed and provide timely advice on the IESO's activities in areas such as reliability standards, IT, revenue metering and inter-jurisdictional trading.

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Working Groups

Working Groups are formed for a limited duration to address specific stakeholder initiatives in detail. See current working groups, memberships and meeting materials.

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Change Management

The IESO publishes proposed changes to the market documentation to allow market participants to comment on the impact that these changes will have on their processes and systems.

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