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Ontario Demand: Represents the energy supplied by the IESO-Administered Market to meet demand within Ontario. The IESO calculates Ontario Demand by subtracting scheduled exports from Total Market Demand. It is also equal to the sum of all loads (consumption) within Ontario supplied from the market, plus all line losses incurred on the IESO-controlled grid.

Market Demand: Represents the total energy supplied by the IESO-Administered Market. The IESO calculates Market Demand by summing all output from generators registered in the market plus all scheduled imports to the province. It is also equal to the sum of all load supplied from the Market plus exports from the province, plus all line losses incurred on the IESO-controlled grid.

Select Recent and Historical Reports: Click the links below to go to the latest version of select reports within the IESO Public Reports Site (.xml) and historical reports (.csv). IESO Public Reports contain a day or hour`s worth of data and historical reports provide data from 2002 to the present. For more information, the Data Directory provides a listing and explanation of all reports below as well as all other IESO reports.





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Demand Overview

Read more about Ontario’s demand trends, records and seasonal peaks.

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Supply Overview

Learn about Ontario’s current supply mix, a history of generation capability, and yearly imports and export values.

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Price Overview

Historical prices including monthly average prices, Global Adjustment charge, and other electricity-related prices.

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Conservation Overview

Learn about the progress made by province’s electricity conservation and demand response programs in Ontario.

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The Market Day

September 26, 2016

Dispatch   Pre-Dispatch
HOEP Price ($/MWh)
Hour EndingPrice 
1-3.00 74.66 135.69 198.15
2-3.00 85.86 145.14 208.15
3-3.00 94.72 150.05 215.13
4-3.00 100.04 165.72 220.00
5-1.50 114.72 176.61 230.00
64.91 120.04 185.73 24-3.00
Download: XML
Actual   Projected
Ontario Demand (MW)
Hour EndingDemand 
111,566 714,648 1315,228 1916,757
211,313 814,877 1415,257 2016,898
311,276 914,929 1515,419 2116,082
411,415 1015,043 1615,858 2214,881
511,955 1115,223 1716,265 2313,764
613,744 1215,205 1816,119 2412,847
Download: XML

Data in Action

This graph provides a summary of Ontario's transmission-connected generator output, by fuel type, for 2010 and 2015. Production by nuclear units remain high, comprising 60 percent of generation in 2015. There has been rapid growth in wind and solar resources - output from both types of supply have increased significantly. With coal generation now phased out, former coal generating stations such as Atikokan and Thunder Bay have been converted to biofuel. The 2015 chart does not include the 488 MW of wind generation capacity or 1,838 MW solar generation capacity connected within distribution systems.

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The IESO uses the "Hour Ending" naming convention for the hours in a day. For example, Hour 1 is from 12 a.m. to 1 a.m., Hour 2 is from 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. Hours 1-24 are the hours from midnight one day through midnight the next day. Eastern Standard Time is used year round.