Large Renewable Procurement

The Large Renewable Procurement (LRP) was a competitive process for procuring large renewable energy projects generally larger than 500 kilowatts.

The LRP was a component of Ontario’s ongoing commitment to building a cleaner and more sustainable energy system, and represented a key step in the province’s 2025 target for renewable energy to comprise about half of Ontario's installed capacity.

Large Renewable Procurement I

The first LRP process began early in 2014 and concluded in April, 2016, with the execution of 454.885 megawatts (MW) of new wind, solar, and waterpower contracts.

LRP I consisted of both a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and a Request for Proposals(RFP) stage. During the LRP I RFQ stage 42 applicants were qualified based on their ability to meet a set of mandatory requirements.

The IESO received 103 proposals in response to the LRP I RFP, and executed 16 LRP I Contracts with successful applicants.

LRP I communications

LRP I documents

LRP I Contract and prescribed forms 
The LRP I Contract provides the terms and conditions applicable to all projects that are the subject of an LRP I Contract.
Letter of Credit
Exhibit C – Form of Irrevocable and Unconditional Standby Letter of Credit 
Secured Lender Agreement
SAMPLE – Secured Lender Agreement             Prescribed Form – Confidentiality Undertaking
Notice of Force Majeure Supplier Account Information
Supplier Information Update  Contract Capacity Reduction
Aboriginal Participation Project Declaration Contract Amendment Request
Rate Regulated Utility Statutory Declaration  
Quarterly Progress Bullets                      Quarterly Progress Report                   
Key Development Milestones
Key Development Milestones Key Development Milestones Guidance Document
Termination & Pre-Construction Development Costs  

LRP I Contract Pre-KDM Termination Guidelines

Prescribed Form - Supplier Request re Completion and Performance Security

Prescribed Form - Pre-Construction Development Costs

Prescribed Form - Excel Workbook re Pre-Construction Development Costs 

Pre-Construction Development Costs FAQs

Commercial Operation
Commercial Operation Request Independent Engineer’s Certificate
Supplier’s Certificate    Metering Plan Type 1: Facility Registered in the IESO-Administered Markets            
Metering Plan Type 2: Facility Greater than 5 MW Not Registered in the IESO-Administered Markets Metering Plan Type 3: Facility Less than or Equal to 5 MW Not Registered in the IESO-Administered Markets
Buyer’s Confirmation RE: Commercial Operation Independent Engineer’s Certificate RE: Full Operation
Independent Engineer’s Certificate for Decommissioning [coming soon]

Large Renewable Procurement II

The second process, LRP II, began with an extensive stakeholder engagement component beginning in late March, 2016, and was followed by the launch of the LRP II Request for Qualifications (RFQ) process in July.

Then, on September 27, 2016, the Minister of Energy announced the suspension of the LRP II, and the RFQ process was cancelled.