Business Plan

The IESO operates within a complex and evolving energy sector environment where changes can be expected to affect the organizations operations in both the near and long terms. The 2017-2019 Business Plan outlines how the IESO intends to achieve its broad mandate, address future uncertainties and prepare for the electricity sector of tomorrow by working with stakeholders to pursue fundamental and enduring changes to Ontario’s electricity market.

The plan provides an overview of the organization’s near-term activities and associated resourcing requirements needed in two areas: to maintain the high level of performance required to deliver its core electricity system responsibilities; and in parallel to execute the market renewal program, which is expected to achieve about $3.4 billion in savings between 2021 and 2030. The additional work associated with market renewal will require a temporary increase in resources for the duration of the initiative, with the objective that at the conclusion of the project, market renewal would not have a significant impact on the staffing level of the underlying business. The IESO’s 2017-2019 Business Plan, approved by the Minister of Energy on March 21, 2017, is part of the IESO’s April 2017 submission to the Ontario Energy Board.

The IESO anticipates that a 4.3-percent increase in its usage fees is required to support the market renewal work. Even with this increase, the requested fee will continue to be lower than the combined fees of the Ontario Power Authority and the former IESO before the January 1, 2015, merger of the two organizations. For 2017, the organization’s proposed expenses of $191.4 million are expected to be funded by usage fee revenues of $190.8 million and registration fees of $0.6 million.

2017-2019 Business Plan

March 21, 2017, approval letter from the Minister of Energy