2019 Revenue Requirement Submission

The IESO filed its 2019 Revenue Requirement Submission with the Ontario Energy Board on January 28, 2019. The submission and other documents which form the record of the OEB’s proceeding are available on the OEB’s website (Case Number EB-2019-0002).

The IESO’s expenditures, revenue requirements and fees allow it to carry out its broad mandate and deliver on its priority initiatives, including continued progress on the Market Renewal Program, and the IESO’s innovation roadmap to enhance system reliability and drive down costs. Other priorities for the 2019-2021 business period include a focus on cybersecurity and improving the IESO’s planning processes to reflect future market design.  Even as significant investment is required to deliver on these priority initiatives, the IESO intends to hold its revenue requirement for 2019 at its 2017 & 2018 approved budget levels.

You can learn more about the IESO’s priority initiatives and financial plans in its 2019-2021 Business Plan.

The Ontario Energy Board has issued its Notice of Hearing relating to the IESO’s 2019 Revenue Requirement Submission. See the Notice of Hearing (English) | (French).

If you are not able to access the documents through the links provided and would like a copy of the Notice or the IESO’s application, please email RegulatoryAffairs@IESO.ca.