Projects Funded

Since its inception, the Conservation Fund has supported a variety of projects – ranging from the development of new technologies to help balance the grid to programs designed to increase consumer engagement in energy efficiency.

Here are some organizations that have created innovative approaches to energy conservation through the support of the Conservation Fund. 

What’s old is new again, but even better
New hydraulic air compression technology demonstration project addresses energy efficiency performance in mining sector

Ontario energy startups take on the world, and win
Small companies' success demonstrate the importance of early support.

Building Ontario’s energy storage capability with timely support
Small investments make a big impact at Ontario startups.

Saving energy costs in Ontario's social housing sector
GLOBE's pilot program helps social housing managers and operators track their buildings’ energy consumption.

Banking on energy efficiency as a key to a competitive future in manufacturing
Management consultant Hatch is helping Ontario manufacturing plants improve energy efficiency through the development of an energy management system.

Cutting edge energy mapping improves conservation marketing
Horizon Utilities discovered the benefits of a new technology tool to improve conservation marketing.

A challenge to reduce office tower energy use
The Race to Reduce raises awareness of the business case for energy efficiency and the options for increasing it.

Wild about cool new technology
The Ice Bear isn't some new species - it’s the zoo’s cooling technology designed to help reduce the daytime electrical load of rooftop air conditioning units.

WWF's sustainability message moves to the workplace
WWF’s Living Planet @ Work program is championing workplace energy conservation for hundreds of companies across Canada.

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