2019 First Nations Energy Symposium

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Energy plays a critical role in the economic, environmental and social wellbeing of Indigenous communities. The 2019 Symposium focused on building community capacity, with sessions on the IESO’s Community Energy Champion Program, project management, evaluating community energy plans, transmission procurement, and energy-related certification options, among others.

The Symposium provided a unique opportunity for First Nation attendees to share ideas, experiences, learnings and expertise, as well as build personal and organizational capacity, and explore opportunities for future collaboration.

Symposium Agenda, Post-Event Summary and Presentations

2019 First Nations Energy Symposium Agenda

Post-Symposium Summary


Evaluating Your Community Energy Plan

Sheena Li and Clare Gutjahr, IESO

Project Management

Roopa Rakshit, Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corp.

Transmission Procurement

Brett Smith and Jeffrey Schnuerer, IESO

Certification Options – Building Capacity through Certification and Job Creation

Olivier Cappon, CIET

Jason Ozbolt and Carol Cline, Confederation College

Conservation and Energy Efficiency

Craig Nootchtai, CNootchtai Technical Services; Gail Lawlor, Energy Matters;

Steve Martin, First Nations Engineering Services Ltd; Jeff Powless, First Nations Engineering Services Ltd.

Colin Campbell and Stephen Lachan, IESO

Asset Management for Existing Energy-Related Infrastructure

Elmer Lickers, Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corp; Michael Fediw, Hydro One Remote Communities Inc.

Travel and Accommodation

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