The electricity sector worldwide is in a state of near-constant transformation. With the rapid growth of new technologies and resources, an increasingly decentralized electricity system, the growing incidence and sophistication of cyber threats and more extreme weather events, determining how to capitalize on the opportunities and address the challenges in front of us has never been more important. That’s why the IESO is committed to facilitating the innovation that will be critical to ensuring today’s needs are met, while anticipating and planning for the electricity system of the future.

Check out the Innovation Roadmap and learn more about how we’re facilitating innovation to maintain the cost-effectiveness and reliability of the grid.

Innovation in Action Innovation in action

From boosting cybersecurity initiatives to removing barriers to energy storage, Powering Tomorrow shines a spotlight on some of the IESO’s contributions to sector innovation. 




Engagement Engagement

Facilitating innovation that benefits the sector doesn’t happen in isolation. Check out our active engagements and learn how you can contribute to our efforts to create a more reliable and resilient energy system.


Grid Innovation Fund Grid Innovation Fund

Do you have a project that will enable customers to better manage their energy consumption or help reduce the costs associated with maintaining reliable operation of the grid? Learn about our Grid Innovation Fund.