Using Third-Party Service Providers

If you are thinking of using a third-party service provider to facilitate your participation in the program, be sure to conduct your due diligence before you decide to do business with them. As the owner of the property or building on which the project will be located, you are the applicant and will have the obligations and responsibilities to develop, own and operate the facility and to comply with your obligations to the IESO under the program rules and 20-year contract, should a contract be offered. Be sure you fully understand the program, the contract and your rights and responsibilities before entering into any arrangements with a third-party service provider in relation to a microFIT project.

Because the IESO is the contract counterparty, we do not maintain a list of approved or recommended vendors, contractors, installers or renewable energy equipment suppliers who may wish to provide you with products or services relating to a microFIT project.

If the applicant or contract holder chooses to work with a third-party service provider, please be aware that the applicant or contract holder remains liable to the IESO for all representations, warranties, obligations, covenants, and liabilities under the application and any microFIT contract arising from the application.

The IESO does not mitigate issues between applicants or contract holders and third parties, as the use of third-party services are at the discretion of the applicant or contract holder. Where the third-party representative is a member of, or employed by a member of the Canadian Solar Industries Association (“CanSIA”), applicants may send any complaints regarding the representative to

If you authorize a representative to submit an application to the microFIT Program on your behalf, be aware of your responsibilities and those of your representative.  Authorizing a representative to submit an application on your behalf may only be done by completing the documents and following the steps outlined on the microFIT Program website. The IESO does not pre-approve applications. If a third party approaches you and indicates they have a pre-approved application, it is not correct.

Login credentials (e.g., username and password) are important information for microFIT participants. They are created during the registration process. If your application is submitted by a representative, you must contact the representative directly to access this information.

Please note: The IESO has been made aware of situations relating to the use by applicants of third-party service providers that have resulted in financial loss to individuals who wanted to build a microFIT project. As with any major transaction, potential applicants need to do their research before entering into any agreement. The IESO recommends not investing any money on a microFIT installation until you have an approved application, have conducted due diligence and obtained professional advice.

Be aware that contracts can only be entered into by the successful applicant. Under no circumstances may a third party or representative enter into or accept a contract on behalf of the applicant.

A helpful checklist of questions to ask that you may find useful when you are developing your microFIT project is available. These questions will help you to make informed decisions before you invest in your microFIT project.

Here are some FAQs about the microFIT Program

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