Energy Stream High-Level Designs

Single Schedule Market High-Level Design

The Single Schedule Market (SSM) High-Level Design addresses the current misalignment between price and dispatch, with a move to locational pricing, which reflects the true cost of producing and consuming electricity at a given location. The SSM will also dramatically reduce the need for out-of-market payments, paving the way for other cost-savings initiatives, including the day-ahead market.

Day-Ahead Market High-Level Design

With the Day-Ahead Market (DAM) High-Level Design, participants will submit day-ahead bids and offers to compete with others for a day-ahead price supporting more open competition among market participants and providing greater financial and operational certainty, which lowers the cost of producing electricity and ensures the IESO commits only the resources required to meet system needs.

Visit the DAM engagement page for engagement materials.

Enhanced Real-Time Unit Commitment High-Level Design

The Enhanced Real-Time Unit Commitment High-Level Design will help ensure when changes in system needs arise in the pre-dispatch timeframe, the most cost-effective set of resources will be available to meet demand in real-time.