Conservation Reports

Annual Conservation Results for 2016

Ontario continues to make steady progress towards its 2020 conservation target of 7.4 terawatt-hours (TWh) of energy savings through Conservation First Framework (CFF) programs and an additional 1.3 TWh through the Industrial Accelerator Program (IAP). Electricity consumption was about nine percent lower in 2016 than it was 10 years earlier – due to conservation programs, innovation, new technologies and ongoing change in energy-use behaviour.

In 2016, Ontarians achieved 1,267 gigawatts (GWh), or 1.267 TWh of energy savings ̶ for a combined total of 2,810 GWh, or 2.81 TWh, from 2015 and 2016, persisting to 2020. This 2015-2016 saving represents 38 per cent of the 2020 CFF target and 10 per cent of the 2020 IAP target.

Conservation continues to be Ontario’s most cost effective resource to meet the province’s long-term energy needs, achieving energy savings for Ontario’s system at less than three cents per kilowatt-hour in 2016. (Results verified by independent third-party evaluators.)

Results at a Glance

The IESO publishes yearly conservation program results in its Annual Conservation Reports.

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2016 Conservation Program Savings and Participation

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Quarterly Conservation Progress Reports

The Conservation Progress Report highlights the results of conservation programs by quarter, such as savings for residential, business, and industrial programs.

Fourth quarter reports detail savings results and program participation totals for the entire year.

Quarterly Conservation Progress Report

Second Quarter, 2018

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