Expedited System Impact Assessment

If through the SIA application process, the IESO has determined that an expedited SIA (ESIA) is appropriate, please proceed to Step 2.

Step 2 - Execute cost recovery agreement

The connection applicant does not submit a deposit but must agree to pay for the total costs and expenses associated with the ESIA through a cost recovery agreement. The IESO executes this agreement with each connection applicant before commencing the first ESIA. This agreement covers all subsequent ESIAs initiated by the connection applicant.

Step 3 – Complete ESIA studies and produce report

The IESO completes applicable studies to assess the project’s impact on reliability using the Ontario Resource and Transmission Assessment Criteria. A draft ESIA report is issued to both the connection applicant and the transmitter summarizing the project details, findings, applicable connection requirements and applicable recommendations. After receiving feedback on the draft report from the connection applicant and the transmitter, the IESO will produce the final ESIA report.

Step 4 – Issue ESIA report with notification of conditional approval/disapproval

The IESO issues the final ESIA report with either a notification of conditional approval, or a notification of disapproval with reasons, to the connection applicant and the transmitter. The final ESIA report is posted to the Application Status table.

Step 5 – Apply for customer impact assessment

Concurrent with completing the ESIA, the connection applicant must apply for a customer impact assessment (CIA) with the applicable transmitter. The applicable transmitter will determine if a CIA is required.

The customer impact assessment process is described in the Ontario Energy Board's Transmission System Code.

Next step – Market registration

After completing the IESO CAA process, the connection applicant must initiate and complete the IESO market registration process at least eight months prior to the project's in-service date, before energization to the IESO-controlled grid, and prior to the commencement of any project related outages, in order to obtain the IESO’s final approval for connection. See Registration for more information.

Related Information

See Market Manual 2.10, Chapter 9 for guidelines to determine if a connection proposal qualifies for an expedited SIA.