2019 Electricity Summit

2019 Summit Electricity Marketplace of the Future - June 17, 2019

The IESO will be hosting the fifth annual Electricity Summit on June 17 at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto.

Bringing together industry experts from across North America, the IESO’s 2019 Electricity Summit is focused on the Electricity Marketplace of the Future. 

Join the IESO to hear the latest perspectives from energy leaders on topics ranging from structural models for an evolving distribution system, to overcoming barriers to energy storage and energy efficiency in transition.

The 2019 Electricity Summit is now sold out!

Topics for Discussion

Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Trends in a Global Context
Hear McKinsey’s perspectives on sophisticated DER markets in Australia, Hawaii, and Germany and the technological and market changes that are facilitating large volumes of DERs.

Overcoming Barriers to Storage
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will discuss the organization’s landmark decision in 2018 to remove barriers to the participation of electric storage resources in the capacity, energy and ancillary services markets operated by Regional Transmission Organizations and Independent System Operators.

Load Serving Entities in Transition
Delve into the ins and outs of how existing load serving entities work in other jurisdictions and discuss issues that are emerging with their structure today.

Panel: Structural Models for an Evolving Distribution System
Explore different viewpoints on emerging and evolving roles and responsibilities at the distribution level of the electricity system as DERs proliferate.

Energy Efficiency in the Market
This segment will discuss how energy efficiency can function as a flexible resource to reduce capacity costs, avoid transmission and distribution investments, and calculate carbon savings, by leveraging markets and competitive procurements to drive innovation and private investment.      

Panel: Energy Efficiency in Transition
Explore the challenges and opportunities in transitioning from the previous conservation framework to a future state where energy efficiency may need to compete with other resources.

Executive Roundtable: Future Challenges to Prepare for Today
This panel will discuss how business models, electricity markets, programs and systems need to change and adapt to prepare for the change that is coming.

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