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Feed-in Tariff Program

FIT/microFIT Price Schedule Available – August 31, 2016

The IESO has posted a new FIT/microFIT price schedule for 2017.

In response to the annual price review questionnaire that was posted on July 8, 2016, six submissions were received by the July 28, 2016, deadline. The responses received formed an important part of the price review and helped in the development of the 2017 price schedules. The IESO thanks those who provided feedback during the recent price review. In accordance with IESO’s engagement principles, responses have been made available on the Stakeholder Engagement page.

The IESO is required to review the prices offered to generators under the FIT and microFIT programs on an annual basis to ensure both ratepayer value and a fair return on investment. A slide deck has been posted that provides background and supporting information on the 2017 prices.

The new price schedule will be effective on January 1, 2017, and will apply to microFIT Application Approval Notices and FIT contracts, including FIT contracts offered through the FIT 5 procurement, that are issued on or after that date.