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Feed-in Tariff Program

Update for FIT 5 Applications

The IESO has completed Stages 1 and 2 of the evaluation process for the 1,120 FIT applications received by the IESO during the FIT 5 application period, totalling about 395 megawatts (MW) from across the province.

With the conclusion of the completeness and eligibility stages of the evaluation process, the IESO, with oversight from an Independent Evaluation Monitor, has determined which applications will move forward to the connection testing stage. All applicants will soon receive a message on their My FIT Home Page informing them of the status of their application.

A total of 698 applications – representing about 248 MW – passed the completeness and eligibility stages and will move onto the connection testing stage and be assessed in the order in which they were ranked. Applications were first ranked by the number of priority points awarded during the review process. For applications with the same number of priority points, the submission time stamp was used to determine the order. In instances where there was more than one application that had both the same number of awarded priority points and the same time stamp, a random number generator was used to break the tie, a process consistent with the FIT Rules Version 5.0.1.

More than 73 percent of complete and eligible applications are for projects with Indigenous, community, municipal or public sector participation, or for projects with Indigenous, municipal or public sector hosts.

More than 91 percent of complete and eligible applications are for solar photovoltaic (PV) projects. Of those applications, 65 percent are for non-rooftop solar projects.

FIT 5 is oversubscribed, and the group of applications moving forward for connection testing is significantly greater than the 150 MW procurement target for FIT 5. Therefore, not all applications moving forward will receive an Offer Notice or Notice of Eligibility, as applicable. Contracts are expected to be offered in the third quarter of 2017 to applications that pass connection testing and are included in the Offer List. Applications listed in the Notice of Eligibility List will be offered contracts once the IESO has received the required documentation, as indicated on their Notice of Eligibility.

Applicants whose applications did not pass the completeness and eligibility evaluation stages will receive an explanation on their My FIT Home Page of why their application was not successful. These applications will be terminated and will not be subject to connection testing.

A summary of the applications moving forward to the connection availability assessment is available here.

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